Convertpic version 0.01

Here's a small script to create those massive batch files for bmconv

With additional dll's for wine:

Batch file examples:

Example theme by me (bitmaps only):


Fast&dirty howto

1) Download Climber sample theme from (with your phone).
2) Install it to your phone.
3) Get a good filemanager.
4) Start filemanager.
5) Go to e:\System\skins\"number"\
6) Send Climber.mbm to your Linux etc.
7) Extract to your working directory, copy also to same directory (install wine if not allready installed).
8) "./ decompile 361" or use batch files i created (works only with Climber.mbm)
9) No you have 360 .bmp pics in your working directory and you can star to modify pics with Gimp etc. (you can use konqueror/nautilus to browse pics).
10) "./ compile 361"
11) Send koe.mbm to your phone.
12) Move koe.mbm to e:\System\skins\"number"\ and rename it to Climber.mbm
13) Now you can activate it thru Themes control menu.



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